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Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh

Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh

By: Ross Paterson

Still not the Christmas Blog…

We have been writing this month about tactical planning that creates breakthroughs in small business (Marketing, Lineup). We want to close the year out with three gifts. If you open these up, I can almost guarantee a breakthrough for you and your business in 2020.

1) Focus on the MIGHTY FEW: The leader has to create a focus for the team, no matter how big or how small the organization. What has to happen in Q1 of 2020? What can wait? If you can’t decide, who will? Do your job!

2) Hire an Administrator: Find a gifted, organized, destroyer of tasks, even if it has to be part-time at first. Put this ‘owner of done’ in charge of the weekly, repetitive, and administrative tasks. No advice we have given has created more universal acceleration for our clients.  Immediately get 8-20 hours per week to work on the MIGHTY FEW.

3) Rhythms and Routines: This is the discipline of chipping away at the MIGHTY FEW.

          a) Measure Progress: Develop a MIGHTY FEW scoreboard.

          b) Weekly Team Huddle: update the score, share lessons learned, plan next actions.

          c) Feedback: Every team member, 1-1 with their leader, every week.

We have developed a universal tool for setting quarterly priorities. Before you check out of the office for the holidays, take 1-2 hours and fill this card out. The first gift will be opened. Then put everything down and focus on your family for a week. When you jump back in, open the other two gifts (#2 and #3), and you are on your way to the #XtraMile.

Next week…The #XtraMile Christmas Blog.