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Growth Begins with Revenue

Growth Begins with Revenue

By: Ross Paterson

We wrote several blogs on Strategic Planning in October (Are You Ready?, Do I Need a Purpose, or a Vision or a Mission?Santa Clause and World Peace). We have been working dozens of companies through our simple strategic planning process in November. Future breakthroughs are being created by these #XtraMilers.

To most businesses, large or small, growth is imperative. As the old saying goes, ‘if you are not growing, you are dying.’ The dreams we have for leaving a legacy with our work requires a business that can create profitable growth. The beginning of that growth is always a revenue problem.

This month we are moving from strategic to tactical planning. Marketing is a challenge that seems to create a lot of fog for our clients. The lack of scientific cause and effect can often leave us very busy with activity… but capturing few results. The lure of easy digital activity can also distract us from what actually builds relationships that matter.

XM Truth: The quality of your REVENUE is directly tied to the quality of your RELATIONSHIPS.

We have developed a very simple tool to help our clients make sense of their marketing. You have to know what is really working by measuring results of your activity. This tool will help you take that knowledge and plan a few positive high leverage action steps.  

Download this tool and schedule a 30-minute call with one of our consultants.

Tune in next week for ideas and practical tools for getting your line-up right and your team fully engaged in the 2020 plan.