This process is designed to accomplish three key objectives that will build new potential into company name. First, we will get a strong assessment of the 7-8 key leaders on your team. Second, we will engage in relationship and team building that will strengthen the bonds of the team. Finally, we will collaborate to put together a simple but comprehensive business plan that will give the company clarity in your 2018 vision, define roles and responsibilities for each key leader, set priorities for action in Q1.

Watch our short video below for more insight about our Strategic Planning.

Our Strategic Planning Retreats are done in 3 Phases

  • Assessments and Analysis:

    Each of the participants will take a pair of online assessments and have a 30-60 minute 1-1 interview with an XM Performance Consultant. Training material includes; TTI Talent Insights personality assessments and an online Strengths finder assessment.

  • Strategic Retreat:

    1 to 3 days of focused team building, vision creation, and business planning for the next evolution of your company.
          DNA Defining: Purpose, Values and Vision
          Annual planning for: Marketing, Sales, Operations, Human Resources, Finances, Technology.
          Primary Roles and Responsibilities of each key leader/manager
          Goals, Plans, Action: Project planning for each of the key business objectives.

  • Follow up and Accountability:

    Four to six week after this session, your XM Performance consultant will follow up with you on your plans and help facilitate adjustments to your plan