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A Season for Hope?

A Season for Hope?

By: Ross Paterson

If you are looking for a Christmas blog, this is not it.

I was fortunate to work for great leaders early in my career. First, because I was that young, egocentric leader who needed a lot of help evolving into the real world. Second, because they pushed me hard and accelerated my development. Many of my early, enthusiastic plans were met with this rebuke, ‘Hope is not an approved military tactic, Paterson.’

At XM Performance we spend Nov-Jan working with clients on strategic and tactical planning for the coming year. We wrote last week about having a tactical plan for growing revenue. The other area where we see SMB owners struggle is getting their people ready for growth.

  • Hope won’t unlock the leadership potential of your executives and managers

  • Hope won’t bring the next high performer to your office

  • Hope won’t deal with the underperformer in your lineup

Hope won’t do these, #XtraMile leadership is required. If you don’t have a plan to develop leaders, recruit new talent, and fix problems in the lineup, I can predict exactly where you will be in December of 2020.

Business owners, you do not have to figure all this out the hard way. We have a simple tool designed to clear the fog of building your future lineup.

“We recently had the opportunity for Ross and his team to facilitate a leadership meeting for High Profile, Inc. It was an incredible 90 minutes of impact! His insights and feedback on the strategies we need to grow our business were spot on. The interaction was timely and helped us create the game plan we need to move forward. My only regret is that we didn’t have the XM Performance team on board earlier.” – Bronwyn Allen

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