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The Russian Spy Girl

The Russian Spy Girl

By: Ross Paterson

Small Business Owners, what does your HR department look like? For a lot of us, it looks like the person we see while we brush our teeth. With no HR professional, no budget to pay for pricey recruiting, and hard pressed for time as we grow our business, how can we recruit great talent and continue to expand in a roaring economy? If you are waiting for your next ace to walk by your office and find you, you are going to be waiting a very long time. Here are a few ideas to find great employees.

  1. If your employees love their jobs, they will be great recruiters for the business. They will frequently do this for free, but you can incentivize them with a small bonus if their recruits stick. And it will be a lot less than a professional recruiting fee.
  2. Use your existing network. Put a detailed job description together AND an inspiring story about the difference your awesome company makes in the world. (see blog on Marketing Redirection). Send it out to your network and ask your team to do the same.
  3. Make ‘bench building’ part of your weekly routine. Where do you interact with other people, businesses, workers? At church, in the stands at your kids’ soccer game, on a plane, in a restaurant? Be your company’s best recruiter. Here are two great questions to ask someone to start a conversation. “What do you do?… That is interesting!… What do you love most about your work?” If they are motivated, positive people, tell your story about the difference your awesome company is making in the world.


Introducing Fanni Gambero: She is not really a Russian Spy Girl, she is actually Hungarian, but has a passion for escape rooms, and speaks four languages. What do we love about her? She is gritty, learns fast, and, has intuition and initiative like no one I have ever met. Because she joined our team, we are making bigger plans for the 2nd half of 2018.

How did we find her? See #1 above, Hannah Wells recruited her. How did we find Hannah? See #2 and #3, I am passionate about what we do on many fronts and love telling the XM Performance and Global Fusion stories.

Who does this when you don’t, Small Business Owner?… No one.