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A Story of Marketing Redirection

A Story of Marketing Redirection

By: Ross Paterson

We had several great sessions with business owners this month, and more to come. With a hot economy in Dallas/Fort Worth the discussion often comes around to indigestion. But not from eating too much BBQ.

Too much work, not enough of the right people to deliver.

The temptation is to take your foot off the marketing gas pedal, not a good plan from our perspective. Instead we should redirect our marketing resources (people, time, money) to tell our story to potential recruits who match our values. Find the talent who could be future contributors to the vision and impact of your business.

Nine years ago, in the grip of a crushing recession, we frequently told our clients to hold on tight to their customers. Their top customers were someone else’s top prospects. The tide has turned, and now we need to hold on tight to our best employees, because they are someone else’s top prospects. Be the kind of leader and company that people won’t leave for a few more dollars.

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