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Give Millennials the Hard Stuff

Give Millennials the Hard Stuff

By: Ross Paterson

Do the girls like your hair like that? Grandfathers have been saying this to grandsons for centuries.  In the 80’s it was my party-in-the-back mullet that stirred this comment out of my Grandy.  Now I look at my own son’s haircut and clothes and he says, ‘It’s called fashion dad, look it up.’

Some of us have forgotten what it was like to be 20.  Full of adventurous potential, unsatisfied with the status quo, ready to take on the world and make a difference with our lives.  As the Millennial generation enters the workforce on many fronts, they are hungry for big, change the world, challenges.

Unfortunately, business in general is failing to challenge them enough.

BIG IDEA #2 Challenge Millennials with the Hard Stuff

Boredom, lack of challenge, and an unclear future will keep your employees, Millennials or not, shopping for a new opportunity.

Business owners and entrepreneurs must learn fast, take on the impossible, and deliver results if they want to keep their business open.  Fast-paced challenges on multiple fronts accelerate our learning and create future potential.  However, when we start adding people to our teams, we make the mistake of protecting them from the hard work, the tough customers, the difficult procedures.  Inadvertently stunting their growth and ours.

“I am the only one who can…”  Any time this thought runs through your mind or comes out of your mouth, it’s probably a lie.  Give the hard stuff to your Millennial employees with a big dose of WHY (see last week’s blog).  You will be surprised at what they can deliver.

It’s not me, it’s you.

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Big Idea #3:  Millennials want to be coached, not bossed