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4 Big Ideas for Managing Millennials

4 Big Ideas for Managing Millennials

By: Ross Paterson

Snowflakes, fragile, entitled, narcissistic…the youngest members of our workforce, the Millennials, sure have a bad rap.  They are becoming big drivers in the economy, and a larger percentage of the workforce every year.  Does that excite or frighten you?  I have raised three Millennials, and employed several over the past few years.  I am still learning, but feel ready and compelled to share BIG IDEAS I believe will help you unlock their full potential (and yours).

BIG IDEA #1:  For Millennials, WHY comes first

Most Millennials care more about doing important, transformational work, than getting a big paycheck.  They might even ask you, their leader, a few questions like these:

  • Why did you start your business?
  • What difference are we making in the world through our work?
  • Where are we going this year?
  • What is my role, and how am I contributing to the world?


Many businesses don’t have clear and compelling purpose statements or meaningful, well-defined visions.  If you don’t have answers to these questions, your Millennial employees will go elsewhere.  In response, some might say ‘they don’t have a good work ethic.’  But if you asked the Millennials, they will tell you, I am looking for a better leader with a bigger vision.

It’s not me, it’s you.

Unsure how to write your purpose statement or vision? Check out this free 2-page worksheet to help you get started.

Next week, Big Idea #2: Give Millennials the Hard Stuff