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Do I Even Need a Vision?

It's time to tell your big story

Do I Even Need a Vision?

By: Ross Paterson
New Toolbox Series: Episode 2

The tactical side of planning is easy for most leaders:

  • Goals
  • Plans
  • Actions
  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Meeting routines

We already know how to focus ourselves and our teammates on the work. This is the Old Toolbox.

VISION is a leadership tool/skill that is more strategic. It is also one of the most misunderstood skills in the New Toolbox. At XM Performance, we have an ASPIRATIONAL VISION: “What if we could make Small/Medium Businesses the best places to work in America?” Very big picture – this is our WHY.

We practice and teach our clients how to develop an ANNUAL VISION as well. Not a bold one-liner, but a story of what the team will accomplish and the impact we will have over the next 12 months. Stories are powerful motivators for humans. More than a list of tactical goals, a strong vision engages the mind, will, and emotions of our teams. This will help them see farther ahead and define HOW we are going to accomplish our WHY.

Tangible goals that make up the story are easier for most business owners to connect with (revenue, team growth, new clients, new products, etc.), but the souls of our teammates will light up when we include the INTANGIBLES. How will our team perform while exercising our core values? What will it feel like to make a legacy impact on our customers, clients, and community? Can they see themselves in the story?

We coach our clients to put a 3-5 paragraph story together. Then consolidate the big ideas into 3-4 themes that the team can quickly focus their attention on. Our 3 big themes for 2024 have been inspired by my ‘Cresso’ dream:

Increase, Multiply, Thrive.

By leveraging VISION, the team doesn’t just get the work done. They commit with high levels of engagement on RESULTS THAT MATTER. When we masterfully align this vision for the business, the individual, and the communities we serve, we are leading on the Xtra Mile.

You are probably closer than you imagine, we can help.

Download our Vision Planning Tool to start creating an outline your team will be thankful for! Schedule a call with one of our consultants to discuss the next steps in implementing this change.