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Curiosity Leads to Alignment

Inquire about your humans

Curiosity Leads to Alignment

By: Ross Paterson
Hidden Treasures Series: Episode 2

There is a famous scene in The Notebook – an exasperated poor boy Noah (Ryan Gosling) asks the love of his life:

“What do you want? What do you want?! What! Do! You! Want!”

Business owners and leaders should be asking their teams the same question. Instead of searching for unicorns, find the hidden treasure in your current teammates. Here’s how: in your next 1-1 meeting, ask them these three questions. Take notes, then take action.

  1. What do you want? We need to understand them on several levels: career, family, hobbies, dreams, etc.

  2. What do you love doing the most? I am puzzled by how few people consider this idea when they think of their ‘work’ or their ‘job’. I am always watching for our team’s (and our client’s) passion, curiosity, and superpowers.

  3. How can I help you? Business owners and leaders, we have an obligation to inspire our humans to grow, learn new skills, and find balance in life.

When we really understand what is driving our team, we can show them how our work is aligned. Achieving our common business objectives simultaneously helps them close gaps, provide purpose, create professional growth, and the increased financial rewards that fuel their dreams.

A highly engaged human is 2 x more productive at work. It is up to the leadership team to create the environment for these Hidden Treasures to emerge.

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