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A Tough Investment Choice

A Tough Investment Choice

By: Ross Paterson

We meet hundreds of small business owners every year.  Not all of them are qualified to jump into our powerful Leadership Forums.  Two critical issues are holding them back:

  1. The chaotic pace of start up work is mentally, physically and financially exhausting.
  2. Fragmented or complete lack of planning is causing stagnation.


XM Truth:  What you don’t know can absolutely destroy your business.

Once a quarter we host an Xtra Mile Business Planning Workshop; this is not a workshop to build a 30-page SBA business plan.  The result of our session is a 2 page business plan.  A plan that creates clarity in your vision, focus on top priorities, and a blue print for building a solid foundation in your business.  At the end of our day together you will reduce the chaos, create peace in your mind, and move forward confidently to deliver your best year ever.  To make the decision to invest even easier, the session comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are struggling with the critical issues above, you can’t afford not to make this investment.

Check out the details here and/or forward the information to others that might need assistance creating their next breakthrough.