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You Won the Lottery…Now What

You Won the Lottery…Now What

By: Ross Paterson

I attended a special softball weekend with my daughter’s team at LeTourneau University. Each player had a Fallen Warrior’s name on the back of her jersey. During a special opening ceremony several of the families of fallen heroes joined the team on the field. Powerful! Supporting the Troops is a great part of today’s American culture. But it’s just not enough when you are standing face to face with a widow who lost a husband, and a mom who lost her son.

Think about it, if you were born in America, you won the lottery. Many have sacrificed greatly to provide the opportunities we have today. Our role, stop whining and get out there on the Xtra Mile and make a difference.

It’s the least we could do…and the truth is that it is probably not enough for that mom on the field on Saturday. Let’s get after it.