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You Wanna Fight Me?

Navigating Conflict

You Wanna Fight Me?

By: Ross Paterson

See if you agree with this statement. Pain is the most powerful motivator for human and organizational change. True, or False?

Quite often by the time we get the call or contact at XM Performance, the business and team are suffering greatly. In the middle of each of the biggest messes our consulting teams have encountered, is a big pile of unresolved conflict. As I lose hair and gain wisdom, one of the skills I wish I had mastered sooner is how to handle conflict (I still have lots of work to do).

Over the month of June we want to share a few of the most common battles we observe and teach you to navigate conflict in a healthy, productive manner. Three paradigms about conflict we hope to help you understand.

  1. Conflict is normal in teams, organizations, and families. Learning the difference between healthy conflict and winning arguments is the key. Most westerners view all conflict as bad, so our first instinct is to avoid or ignore it. Can you really avoid or ignore it?
  2. The human body has several physiological responses to conflict that derail healthy conversations. The magic is that we can learn to control these responses with a training and practice.
  3. Almost all conflict follows a pattern. Learn the patterns and you will succeed where most leaders and teams fail.


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