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By: Ross Paterson

The first week of 2020 was the busiest we have ever had. Results from our strategic focus in 2019, a hot economy, and perhaps the added psychological energy behind a new decade. As we live out our “Just Cause” of making small/medium businesses (SMB) the best places to work in America, we are energized by this XCELERATION.

We have been working in the SMB space for over 13 years now. Take a look at the three actions our fastest-growing clients are taking to create XtraMile Xceleration.

  1. Strategic Focus: Clarity precedes results, leaders create clarity, put it in writing. They all have plans in writing that their teams helped create. (Xtra Mile Quarterly Dashboard)

  2. People: They invest in themselves and their team. Everyone wins when a leader gets better.

  3. Rhythms and Routines: They create a weekly rhythm that everyone learns. Weekly discipline turns into monthly profitability, turns into a record growth year.

No Focus, No Leadership, No Routines creates an environment of frustration, stress, conflict, and stagnation. The biggest risk to an SMB owner in this economy is losing your best employees to a company that lives on the Xtra Mile. Don’t worry, the under-performers will stick around.

Business owners and entrepreneurs, who works on these three imperatives when you don’t?


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