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Wrecked by Narrow Perspective

Wrecked by Narrow Perspective

By: Ross Paterson

I am finishing Adam Grant’s book Originals. Grant notes that when things are going bad, CEOs tend to seek advice from their business and network friends who share their perspectives and biases.

“They favored the comfort of consensus over the discomfort of dissent, which is precisely the opposite of what they should have done.”

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs (BOEs) inadvertently get into what we call ACCIDENTAL ISOLATION. Unintentionally our business building ventures leave us without a trusted ‘devil’s advocate’ to speak into our vision, planning, and execution.

XMP Leadership Forums fix this isolation by gathering peers together to conquer small business’ most pressing challenges. We have seen dozens of breakthroughs happen as men and women who have ‘walked a mile in your shoes,’ begin to speak truth, dismantle biases, and spur innovation when you need it most.
Don’t let what you can’t see wreck your business potential in today’s hot economy.

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