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Why Won’t Someone Just Sign Something?

Why Won’t Someone Just Sign Something?

By: Ross Paterson

We were working with a client this week, looking at the challenge of a slow start in 2019. Though they have a healthy pipeline, no deals are coming across the finish line and cash is getting tight.

“Why won’t somebody just sign something?!#%?”

My early career was all operations. I have natural strengths around arranging and focusing teams to get things done.  When I started my first business I struggled to learn the processes of marketing and sales. So foggy, so complicated, no clear connections to cause and effect.  The truth is that marketing and sales are the most critical process to any entrepreneurial adventure.  Ignoring this fact will derail your business dreams.

“Marketing is our quest to make change on behalf of those we serve, and we do it by understanding the irrational forces that drive each of us.”  Seth Godin, This is Marketing

For a math major, and logic-based thinker marketing and sales were challenging processes to learn. The ‘irrational forces’ are real, if you approach a sales conversation with linear thinking you are destined to fail. More importantly if you approach the sales process with “commission breath” or as a taker, your prospects can sense that. Work on your mindset.  Do you truly want to serve your customers/clients? Your prospects can sense that too, and you can’t fake it.

XM Truth:  Marketing and Sales are processes you must learn.