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White Board Impatience

It looked easier on the whiteboard

White Board Impatience

By: Ross Paterson

We are blessed to work in and around hundreds of entrepreneurs every year. Dreamers. Builders. Doers. World Changers. We have whiteboards in our Texas offices on walls and wheels. We can have a brainstorming session in any room in the building, anytime big ideas are stirring up souls.


The most frustrating experience for many entrepreneurs is the time it takes to turn the whiteboard into reality. Why does everything happen….so…..freakin’….SLLOOWWWW.


XM Truth:  The easiest place to work on your business is the whiteboard.


It only gets harder when we take big ideas off the whiteboard and cannonball into the real world. We live in a world of a thousand distractions.


Things we can control: Our time and attention, removal of administrative distractions, the delegation of work that is not a priority, recruiting the right WHO to help us with the HOW.  Clients have said to us, “you don’t know how hard it is to get ‘x’ done.” We ask, who worked on ‘x’ this week? “Uh….nobody.” Things won’t happen when nobody works on them.


Things we can’t control: Slow-moving partners and clients, government bureaucracies, building permits, supply chain disruptions, pandemic effects. When your perseverance tank is getting low, remind your team about the big WHY and make smart pivots to bridge the gaps.


We are always closer than we imagine. If a stuck vision has you frustrated, remember these three things.

Stay Positive.

Be Patient.

Be Persistent.
Books are written about overnight successes, but I still haven’t met one.