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When Tough Guys Cry

Growing Business with Big Hearts

When Tough Guys Cry

By: Ross Paterson

We were working with a Father-Son duo last week who has the energizing problem of rapid growth on multiple fronts in their businesses. This family has built an amazing service company over the last two decades. Their client-focused approach has led them to build an internal program to train their own technicians. After a few years in the field, their techs have the ability to earn $80K or more a year as they master their trade and execute with high quality and high hustle.


A female tech (rare in this industry) recently moved to help the company expand into a new state. She sent the father/founder a text thanking him for her job, the incredible opportunity to earn an industry-leading salary, and the ability for the first time in her life to own a home. Tough guy had to stop reading so he wouldn’t lose it in our planning room.


XtraMilers are business owners who know how to lead a profitable, growing business AND have Big Hearts to create opportunities for their teams to succeed as well. These are the kinds of businesses that are the ‘Best Places to Work in America.’  Need help building or growing your business so it has a generational impact on your team and community? We would love to help.

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