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What is this place?

Make the time

What is this place?

By: Ross Paterson

As part of our internal planning ritual, I asked our team to write down a vision for themselves and their families for 2023. We had a rich conversation as we shared.


Using our best ‘practice-what-we-preach’ commitment we leveraged that conversation for building the 2023 vision and business plan for XM Performance (and a new venture…stay tuned).


  • Tied career growth desires to assignments that will stretch them.
  • Built incentives for leaning into the ‘hard stuff.’
  • Aligned ‘hard stuff’ accomplishments to their personal/family visions.
  • Created clarity about roles and responsibilities for a very dynamic Q1.
  • Took a minute to remind ourselves of our clients’ big wins in 2022.


A frequent and cherished comment from our new teammates, “I’ve never worked at a place like this before.”


Creating inspiration and motivating high levels of engagement are the most critical leadership work of the SMB owner. What is it worth to your business when your employees are highly engaged? According to Gallup:


18% increase in productivity

23% increase in profitability

43% reduction in turnover

81% reduction in absenteeism


The leadership work that energizes engagement is rarely done in the SMB market. Frequently business owners say they don’t have time, or don’t know how to do this work. Just look at that data again; do a little quick math and assess the financial impact on your business.


Make the time. Become a better business leader.


You are probably closer than you imagine, let us help your team create breakthroughs in 2023.