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What if the Obstacle is You?

What if the Obstacle is You?

By: Ross Paterson

The transition from start-up business to ‘grown up’ business can be difficult.  Frequently the owner is a top 5% technician, programmer, creative genius, etc.  When he or she says, “No one can do this as well as me,” it is true statement.

The tension comes when the business needs a President/CEO to set strategic priorities, coach-recruit-develop employees, and build rhythms and routines that allow for growth.  As we ask frequently, who works on these things when the owner is not?  And the answer is…NOBODY.

Unless the business owner can start building themselves out of the technical and administrative work of the business, breakthroughs are nearly impossible.  A few ideas for getting started.

  1. Outsource bookkeeping and accounting.  I have never heard a business owner say, the real breakthrough in my business happened when I earned the Level 3 badge for Quickbooks.


  1. Know the difference between high pay-off activities and repetitive, low-cost administrative support work. During start-up it can all look the same.


  1. Once you have identified the low pay-off work, hire an intern, use part-time resources, ask your spouse for help. Learn how to get this work off your plate.


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