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We’re putting the band back together

Kickstart your team back into high gear

We’re putting the band back together

By: Ross Paterson

It is difficult working with a bunch of Millennials and Gen Zs. Our team is talented, gritty, and works hard, so none of the stereotypical Millennial slander applies. I just can’t say things like, “We’re putting the band back together” and make a meaningful connection with any of them. (This is a reference to the classic 1980 film The Blues Brothers.)


We are getting a little whiplash in Texas and Arizona from the economic rebound as businesses reopen.  From drastically reduced services, or the malaise of remote working, teams are quickly transitioning to full operations. Did you see the Texas “Neanderthals”? 40K strong in the new baseball stadium for the Rangers’ opening day… these are wild times.


Leaders, spend high-touch time helping your teams handle this transition. There is real fear mixed with crushing political/ideological division. Families are struggling to establish rhythms and routines in the chaos.  People are stressed out.  Add acceleration in your market and we have all the ingredients for an organizational break down.


Our primary goals must include BOTH re-establishing connection AND being as human as possible in the process.


1) First, connect with the individuals.

Schedule 1-1s with everyone where you have direct leadership and let them drive the conversation. They may share any concerns or needs or ask you for advice. Remember: this is their time with you.


2) Second, connect them with each other.

Break bread as a team at lunch (four fried chickens and white toast, dry), let everyone share their pandemic stories. Wrap up the lunch session with a review of the Purpose and Values.  Get the team grounded on the ideas that are non-negotiable as we work out the fast-changing world of 2021.


3) Third, create clarity.

We may not be able to see all the way through 2021, but we can give them clear goals for what needs to happen in Q2.  Certainty is the enemy of clarity. Collaboratively create a plan of action that will work out the kinks and remind them how to deliver team results.


Tying It All Together

As your band comes back together, work might be the one place that provides a little stability and routine in their lives.  XtraMilers make the time to do the uncomfortable and demanding leadership work to make this true.