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We Made It…I’m So Exhausted

A Few Things Get Easier

We Made It…I’m So Exhausted

By: Ross Paterson

We had two business partners in front of our whiteboards this week. In the middle of a pandemic, they launched a complex healthcare business and are already beating projections. They are very excited about the future. They are also EXHAUSTED.

The transition from SMB start-up to growth mode is one of several challenging evolutions in the SMB owner’s journey. A few things get easier. For instance, it is always easier to get funding from investors and banks for 2nd and 3rd locations than for an unproven idea. We also move with great confidence now that the whiteboard idea we had 5 years ago actually worked.

In May we covered the basics of getting work done through others, delegation, accountability, feedback. This month we are going to wrestle with the more complex leadership challenges of a larger, faster growing business. The most demanding transformation will be in the role of the business owner. Tune in as we tackle the following issues over the next four weeks.

  1. Coaching Leaders to Xtra Mile Performance
  2. Creating Culture Champions
  3. Effective Meeting Rhythms
  4. Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding Talent


Small changes can have an Xtra Mile impact on your business.  You are probably closer than you imagine.

One of our values is to Give Xtreme Value First.  The whiteboard session for business owners is one of the ways we live that out.  Give us an hour in front of our whiteboards with your biggest challenge or opportunity.  We can almost always shorten your learning curve, reduce your pain, and create breakthrough potential.  Schedule today.