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Not Enough Progress


By: Ross Paterson

The 4th and final blog in our “Not Enough” series.


Let me tell you a story about Not Enough Progress.


A few years ago, we got a call from a family business making a generational transition. The founder was tired and ready to step back, so an outside CEO was hired to take over. He failed and was fired in his first year, leaving a robust $40MM business in limbo. Even though one of her sons courageously raised his hand to take the lead, they were not making progress.


After a quick analysis of the situation, we recognized three breakdowns holding this team back. The company had outgrown the founder’s management style; it was time for an evolution. Systems were breaking down as they expanded to multiple offices across the state. Lastly, the capacity and capability of key leaders were not keeping pace with the growth.


Recognize any of this? If you are the owner of a fast-growing business, we want you to know these situations are very common; you are not alone in feeling STUCK. Our research in organizational performance and development shows breakdowns frequently happen as your team grows through 10 employees, then at 40-50, and again around 150.


What’s not common? Finding the solutions.


The CEO/Owner’s job is to work with your leaders to:

1. Create the vision.
2. Get the right people.
3. Set and assign priorities.
4. Remove obstacles.


To solve the problem of Not Enough Progress, you need to write a clear plan for the next 90 days.

• Step 1: Download our Quarterly Dashboard Tool.
• Step 2: Set aside an hour to carve out the first draft.
• Step 3: Bring your leaders into the conversation and make the plan better.


Clarity Precedes Results, Leaders Create Clarity, Put it In Writing.

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