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Vision Meets Delusion

Vision Meets Delusion

By: Ross Paterson

We helped an executive team create an annual plan a few years ago. This $6 million company had significant line-up issues in almost every area of the business. The only way to accomplish their vision was with gritty determination to challenge key managers to evolve, or, help them find a new opportunity outside the company.

The following January, the owner invited us to assist with annual planning again. After confirming that no changes had been made, we said, you already paid for that plan. The VISION for growth and transition was running into the DELUSION that things will change if we just wait long enough.  The real tragedy, in this case, was after two years of DELUSION, their General Manager, the highest performer on the team, left for a new opportunity.

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” Freewill, Neil Peart, 1952-2020

When we make the jump to business ownership, we always want it to be different from our corporate experiences. People won’t be a number to me, we know our employees and their families well, we love them like family and feel a heavy responsibility to provide for them. All good things.

Owners, the burden to get your line-up right often rests with you alone. If delusion rules, are you really taking care of your employees? We are not advocating cold-hearted, hatchet work. Xtra Mile leaders continuously develop talent, reform their underperformers, or release them.

If you feel overwhelmed thinking about fixing your line-up, you are not alone. We have developed a high impact process we call the Critical Personnel Inventory. We have helped hundreds of business owners get unstuck and moving forward with a healthy team. In about 2 hours we can help you take positive action. Check out the Xtra Mile Boot Camp or give us a call.