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Unlocking The Team’s Potential

Unlocking The Team’s Potential

By: Ross Paterson

I have been studying the psychology of performance with renewed interest this year, and came across this quote from Abraham Maslow.

“The story of the human race, is the story of men and women selling themselves short.”

We have amazing work to do at XM Performance.  Nothing is more fulfilling than watching men, women, and teams achieve breakthrough performances.  Deliver results they couldn’t believe were possible a year ago.

We see business leaders frequently setting the bar too low for their teams.  Holding onto the most difficult work themselves.  They really care about, even love, their teams and mistakenly believe that protecting them from PAIN is what a leader should do.  If you want highly productive employees that are engaged in the process and display great initiative, you should do LESS for them, not more.

  • Start with Vision, ask for their input.
  • Build a Plan, help them chart their course.
  • Give them permission and resources.
  • Coach and Inspire.


This may be completely different from the work you had to do as you started your business, but it is critical to creating Xtra Mile breakthroughs.  When we learn how to lead through leaders, we create the potential for accelerated results.  Don’t let people sell themselves short, especially YOU!

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