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Unlocking Business Potential for 2016

Unlocking Business Potential for 2016

By: Ross Paterson

“I have spent a lifetime collecting powerful questions.”  Bobb Biehl

Bobb Biehl was one of my early consulting mentors. Like a wizard he could get our team to step back from the daily grind and rethink everything with one or two questions.

As we start to work with clients on Strategic Vision and Planning for 2016 here are a few powerful questions to spark your pre-planning thinking.

  1. If your business was performing at its maximum potential, what is possible in 2016?
  2. What do you still have to learn to gain the next breakthrough?
  3. Who knows more about this (#2) than you do?


Business Owners and Entrepreneurs grab a blank journal and a coffee (or a beer depending on what time of day you do your best thinking).  Then go get alone somewhere and write out detailed answers to these questions. Don’t worry about writing perfect prose. Brainstorm, write down everything and then consolidate and filter.

Next, challenge your key leaders to answer the same questions and have lunch together to share ideas. The team might think bigger than you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  #XtraMile