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Two Hundred and Forty-Six

Keeping Your Freedom Muscles Strong

Two Hundred and Forty-Six

By: Ross Paterson

Freedom is an inspiring human ideal. Think of the thousands and thousands of migrants who spend every penny and risk the lives of their families to make long journeys to America.

At times we can’t understand the breadth of our opportunity through the tightly scripted battles being waged inside our country. Media, social media, and politicians fan the flames of division, but most Americans I know are fairly reasonable people. I have family, clients, friends, and neighbors who occupy different spaces on a broad spectrum of political and social issues. The ones who really embrace freedom, understand that others are free to carry different beliefs.

Despite our flaws, there is nothing quite like the USA anywhere in the world. Let’s celebrate together and agree on one thing: There is still work to do before we achieve ‘Liberty and Justice for All.’ A few #XtraMile freedom tips for our country’s 246th birthday:

  1. Be Thankful. If you wake up breathing, you get another day to make things better.
  2. Serve others. If gratitude eludes you, take some time to go serve those who are in need. Serve where you have a passion, maybe even outside the US.
  3. Don’t be a bully. Tolerance defines, and freedom demands, that we make room for beliefs and practices that differ and at times conflict with our own.
  4. Love your neighbors as yourself. One of the most simple yet challenging ideas ever placed before the human race.


Happy 4th of July from the XM Performance Team!!