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Turnover is Expensive

Turnover is Expensive

By: Ross Paterson

Turnover is expensive…really expensive.

Have you been following along with our series on how to get top talent onto your SMB team? Check out blog 1 No Time to Waste and blog 2 Sell-Wow-How.

For the final blog in this series, we will assume that your recruiting and hiring are putting great players on your team. Now, how can we KEEP them?

Give Them:

  • A STORY to be part of. Why are we here?
  • A TEAM to belong to. Nobody wants to be a number.
  • A LEADER who knows how to lead.

Simultaneously Remove Obstacles that distract them from their best work.

  • Eliminate DRAMA and resolve CONFLICT quickly.
  • Do not allow lone wolves or UNDERPERFORMERS to hang around infecting your team.
  • Remove stress and uncertainty by providing AT LEAST basic health benefits to your team.

Do you know the #1 reason why people are leaving their jobs?
Their direct manager is not leading well.

Turnover is expensive. Replacing one employee will cost more than $20,000 of lost time, potential, and efficiency. We can transform your leaders for less than $2K.

You are closer to your next breakthrough than you imagine. Let us help.

Don’t just take our word for it. 

“The most helpful topic we discussed in the Managers To Leaders workshop was the importance of delegation and embracing change. I loved learning about mindset and attitude. This workshop has helped motivate and encourage me to keep focusing on self-development, not only professionally but personally, as well.”

– Adam B., Director of Manufacturing- Barnett Signs, Inc.

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