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Tracking Results is Critical

Tracking Results is Critical

By: Ross Paterson

We were visiting a new client’s location in Dallas this week. Always a fun and curious time for me personally. A team member greeted us, and I asked a few gentle questions. How long have you been here? What is your role on the team? After learning that her role was customer service and sales, I asked her how this location’s July numbers looked (multiple location business).

“Oh, I don’t know that stuff, you will have to ask the owner.”

Hmmm. Our vast range of clients all take a slightly different approach to keeping score and sharing the numbers with their teams. Whatever you decide as a leader, here is an Xtra Mile Truth: Engagement increases dramatically when we keep a daily/weekly score in front of our teams.

For many small businesses, tracking marketing and sales results is the most critical. For leaders in operations and manufacturing businesses, productivity, efficiency, and quality are areas where refined measuring and score keeping will help the whole team stay engaged and focused on results that matter.

“Things that get measured, get done.” Jim Collins, Good to Great

What one metric, if you got your team focused on improving, would make the biggest difference to your August results? Put it up on a white board and update it daily or weekly and see what happens.