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Time Is NOT On Your Side

Are you a Time Optimist?

Time Is NOT On Your Side

By: Ross Paterson

The 2nd of four blogs in our “Not Enough” series.

Not Enough Time

In our first encounters with business owners, we frequently find a smart, talented entrepreneur that is working really hard, and really long, on mostly the wrong things.

Xtra Mile Truth: Your business’s most valuable resource is your time and attention.

You cannot do it all.

You should not do it all.

And, you’re not that good at everything anyway.

Business owners suffer from Not Enough Time because:

  1. They don’t know the difference between the BEST things to work on and GOOD things to work on.
  2. They wrongly believe that if they keep their head down and keep grinding, a breakthrough will come.
  3. They have a fear of the unknown.


The role of the owner evolves as the business grows. You have to learn new skills, get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and most importantly let go of work others can, and should do for the business.

Take 15 minutes to download and complete our Focus to Action Drill tool. It will help you identify the BEST things, and develop strategies for getting the GOOD work done through others.

If you don’t have 15 minutes, then you really need to do it.

You are probably closer to your next breakthrough than you imagine. Small changes. Xtra Mile Results. You got this, let us help.

You completed the Focus To Action Drill…Now what? Schedule a quick call with one of our leadership coaches to go over your results and make a plan to get more of YOUR time back!