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Three Simple Steps for Building Xtra Mile Teams

Three Simple Steps for Building Xtra Mile Teams

By: Ross Paterson

The third in our series of building better teams

We started this series of blogs (Blog #1) with the truth that high performing (Xtra Mile) teams don’t miraculously gather and deliver results, someone leads them there. After we have built respect and trust, and removed disruptors (Blog #2), what can a leader do to build a stronger team? We would recommend starting with these three simple steps; simple, not easy.

  • Help them get connected to each other
  • Help them understand each other
  • Help them communicate effectively


Getting Connected:

We do our best work with (and for) people we know, like, and trust. Leaders can build a stronger team with a periodic team meal. This can be a potluck, brown bag, or even a fast-food 2nd breakfast. While you are gathered informally around the table, ask everyone to share answers to these three questions.

  1. What is your ‘hometown’?
  2. How many siblings do you have and where are you in the order?
  3. Share an obstacle you overcame or a significant event that really shaped you as a teenager?


Understanding Teammates:

Frequently, our first engagement with teams and training groups of leaders involves a DiSC personality assessment exercise. We use this because it is simple, inexpensive, and easy to reproduce. In about an hour’s time, your team’s dynamics and insights into each other will be radically improved.

Communicating Effectively:

With all of our modern technology, humans are becoming less and less effective in basic, in-person communication. We are shocked at the lack of skills we observe in our client’s teams. Few understand how to give effective feedback. Unchecked gossip undermines unity. And for some reason, we have been conditioned to believe that all conflict is bad. If leaders and their teams don’t take positive steps to address these issues, they are destined for lots of stress, dysfunction, and mediocre results.

XM Truth: If you want a more profitable, lower stress business, build a stronger team.

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