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There is Tuition to Pay

There is Tuition to Pay

By: Ross Paterson

In January, my youngest son starts the spring semester of his senior year. I get to make my last tuition payment. Three kids through undergraduate degrees mean one of team Paterson’s major life goals is complete. It must be time to start another business.

I was having a casual conversation with a business owner earlier this month. He complimented us on the quality of the content in our weekly blog, something he actually looks forward to having hit his inbox. A good friend of one of our clients, we first crossed paths 4-5 years ago. He came to an XM Performance preview session but decided not to join in with a group of 7-8 business owners on a similar journey. For the moment, the price plus the need-payoff did not add up for him.

He proceeded to share ‘war stories’ from his journey since that meeting. Challenges and growth, expansion and setbacks, plus a major crisis that almost shut him down. He concluded that perhaps he should have joined that group when he had the chance. Then he said something very profound, “There is always tuition to pay.” #XtraMileTruth

With the help of the XM team, our 2019 clients have:

  • built significant revenue growth

  • planned for and averted a potential crisis

  • fixed problems with their line ups

  • created breakthrough new offerings

  • unlocked potential in their leaders

  • raised their customer service and retention

  • AND put more money in the bank than they ever would have without us

Come have a coffee with us and we will help you find the right prescription for your #XtraMile breakthrough in 2020. There is always tuition to pay.