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The Unicorn and the Sleeper

The Unicorn and the Sleeper

By: Ross Paterson

We have interesting conversations with business owners all the time.  A couple of weeks ago our interactions served up these two gems.

“The constant opportunity for loss is very stressful.”  -Service business owner

 “I guess I am having a mid-life crisis.”  – Exit interview for one of our clients, departing employee age: 19

What about the constant opportunity for wins?  Mid-life crisis at 19?

So often we create inaccurate paradigms of our current reality that keep us from taking action toward a better future.  The #1 fallacy we encounter is the Myth of the Unicorn.  Somewhere (out there in fantasy land) there is a perfect employee (Unicorn) who will do everything I want them to do. Read my mind, do things I don’t like to do, clean up the messes I already made, so I can do the “fun” stuff.

Over the past decade, the reality we have experienced is that current employee performance is significantly hindered by mediocre leadership.  Lack of clarity, uninspired communication, ineffective coaching, zero training.  Even if unicorns were real, they would look like an Eeyore in this type of organization.

The Sleeper is the high potential employee who is not being challenged, trained, or inspired to bring their A-game.  With small investments in training and better leadership from the ownership team, we have seen dramatic, measurable breakthroughs in performance from managers/leaders and their teams.

In 2019 XM Performance will be expanding our ability to reach into your organizations and wake up your high potential sleepers.

  • Executives, Vice Presidents, General Managers = Leaders of leaders
  • Managers = Leaders of people and processes
  • Frontline foreman and team leaders (offerings in English and Spanish)

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