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The Ultimate Business Comeback

The Ultimate Business Comeback

By: Ross Paterson


History was made when Tom Brady led the Patriots to a Superbowl comeback victory after being down at half time by 25 points. Building another milestone into a career that may be the GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

While most of America begins to wade back into action, it is time for another historical comeback. Small/medium businesses are trying to navigate the complex challenges of reopening to stay alive and solvent with the need to keep their employees, clients, and community safe. Keep these things in mind as you lead your SMB comeback.

  1. Patience: This will be a slow, and frustrating process. Plenty of anxiety to go around, be the leader who takes calm, steady steps to reducing the deficit.

  2. Belief: Have confidence in your team. If they were winning and productive before the virus, they will be again. Show them the way.

  3. Flexibility: Make smart adjustments. We can’t pretend like nothing has, or nothing needs to change. Entrepreneurs know how to find the next problem and solve it.

  4. Lead: Help the team see the path forward. How will it look over the next few months? We can’t have CERTAINTY. But we can still create CLARITY for the next few steps.

Humans need connectedness, structure, control. Our brains will calm down when we see structure and order returning. Can you do that for your business team? We have already assisted 30+ business with their comeback planning, let us know how we can serve you.