Brian Barnett is a new client with XM Performance. He is a 3rd generation leader of a family sign business, Barnett Signs, whose motto is, “We are in the PEOPLE business.”

If you want to reduce and eliminate a toxic work environment, remember it doesn’t matter how you make money…you are in the PEOPLE business. Start with the basics.

  1. It takes REAL LEADERSHIP: The highest levels of human engagement happen when we can bring our talents/strengths/passions to a community that is collaborating to accomplish a meaningful PURPOSE. Most SMBs spend 99% of their energy on the work without the WHY. WHY Matters!!
  2. It takes REAL TIME: One of my mentors challenged me to spend an hour every week, 1-1 with each of my direct reports. These sessions are not about accountability for work, but about connecting, investing, and caring for each other as humans. I used to think I didn’t have time to do this. XM TRUTH: You don’t have time not to. Start with 15 minutes and build up. TIME Matters!!
  3. It takes REAL LOVE: Is that too big of a word? We don’t think so. We have to care deeply about our teammates and simultaneously be demanding.

“To hold someone accountable is to care about them enough to risk having them blame you for pointing out their deficiencies.” – Patrick Lencioni


We always do our best work for leaders who care so much they push us past self-limitations, helping us achieve our XtraMile potential.

WHY matters.

TIME matters.

LOVE matters.

You will be hard pressed to find a toxic environment in a business doing these three well.

You are probably closer than you imagine, let us help.

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