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The Turnovers, Remotes, and Cavemen

As the COVID fog starts to clear...

The Turnovers, Remotes, and Cavemen

By: Ross Paterson



“It is my dream to create a place where dysfunction thrives, people hate coming to work, and fear is the primary source of motivation.” 

– Creulla DeVille’s small business misery workshop.


Do you think anyone starts a business with purposeful intent and design to create a toxic workplace? More likely it gradually emerges from neglect, lack of leadership know-how, and being overwhelmed with the unknown.


We have been working with a few teams this summer that are really struggling.


THE TURNOVERS: The demand for their services is growing exponentially as their marketing and sales efforts are bringing new clients in too fast. Systems, processes, and managers are not ready for growth. Stress is high, problems are not getting resolved, they are rich in ‘blame’. Guess who leaves first…the best performers who have lots of options. Toxicity grows.


THE REMOTES: Like many businesses during the pandemic, this team kept the business alive by adapting to a remote delivery structure. As the COVID fog starts to clear, the model is no longer working. Their customers are back and longing for in-person services. The team has lost the heart of the business, demanding accommodation for ‘me’ over ‘we.’ A waiting list of clients will soon find their way to the competition.


THE CAVEMEN: During the startup this business needed rugged individualists. Self-starters who were incentivized to make it happen and work independently. The startup phase is over and the team is trying to gain efficiency and quality through specialists who collaborate well to deliver for their clients. Toxic tensions emerge between the cavemen and the citizens. Should the cavemen stay if they can’t evolve?


If you recognize your team in one (or more) of these stories, don’t give up. Small changes can make big differences. Let us help.


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