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The Triple Dog Dare

The Triple Dog Dare

By: Ross Paterson

If you know anything about dare etiquette (The Christmas Story), only in the most extreme circumstances can you go straight from the dare to the Triple Dog Dare.


Today, we too are going to break etiquette, because we strongly believe in the power of this tool/process to unleash next-level performance.


For over a decade we have been working with owners and leaders in the SMB space. Owners, your most precious commodity is your time and attention. Our clients that develop (and teach their leaders) the discipline of time and attention management create massive #XtraMile breakthroughs.
The clients that don’t manage & focus their time/attention often only have excuses:

  • “This wasn’t a normal week!”
  • “I’m the only one who can ________.”
  • “I’m too busy to plan.”


The Triple Dog Dare: Action Required

  1. Download our 30-Day Planner and instructions HERE.
  2. Fill it out for June 15th-July 15th as your 30-day interval.
  3. Send us a copy before June 15th.
  4. Look at the planner once each morning for 30 days.
  5. Get a free 30-minute session.


The most important part is making a decision on your top three priorities and focusing on them.


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