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The Swiss Army Knife for Your Team

Revamp your delegation toolbox

The Swiss Army Knife for Your Team

By: Ross Paterson

Cut rope, open wine, saw limbs, file fingernails, drive screws, open cans, open bottles, trim beards, remove splinters, pick teeth, punch leather, etc.

The Swiss Army Knife is the ultimate tool for a week in the woods, or your desk at the office.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a versatile, effective, and simple tool like this for the people in your business?

We were troubleshooting a key leader’s performance with a business owner last week. We recommended our favorite Swiss Army Knife for humans – the TTi DiSC/Motivators Assessment. When we ran the comparison report we quickly found conflicts in their personality styles (how they work) and their motivators (why they work). Small adjustments to communication and new delegation rhythms created an immediate breakthrough.

Perhaps you and your team have struggled with:

  1. Effective delegation
  2. Miscommunication
  3. Frustrating results
  4. Conflict resolution
  5. Motivating high engagement
  6. Aligning roles
  7. Giving effective feedback and recognition
  8. Team dysfunction


What if you could invest in a simple, affordable tool that would lead to an immediate breakthrough with just one of your struggles?

When our clients see the results for themselves, they say, ‘Wow, it’s like they read my mail.’ They immediately understand why they need this insight for all their key leaders and teammates.

You’ll wish you had done it sooner.

Using a Swiss Army Knife tool like the TTI Assessment has a multitude of uses, such as delegation, hiring, conflict management, professional development, and more.
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