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The Same Sheet of Music

Business Planning creates Performance

The Same Sheet of Music

By: Ross Paterson

We have taken two groups of business owners through a mid-year small business planning process in July. We love seeing the transformation that takes place as we unlock the true business potential for our clients.

Two observations that are generally true:

  1. Put it in Writing: Business Owners are surprised how difficult it is to put a basic small business plan in writing.  At times we create a myth of clarity in our minds.  The process of putting it on paper can be humbling and frustrating, but in the end quite fruitful.
  2. Clarity Precedes Results: Frustrated with your team’s performance? Usually this is a leadership problem.  If your vision, business plan, and basic job descriptions are not in writing, you are a big part of the problem.


The clarity you perceive in your mind is never the reality for your team. Let us know if you need some help getting started. Accelerating Results is what we do best.