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The Reawakening

Choose Light. Shine Bright. Make a Difference

The Reawakening

By: Ross Paterson

If I was going to name 2021, I would call it the year of DISRUPTIONS. What started as a hopeful ‘year-after-the-pandemic,’ turned into multiple waves of chaos.


Our team was disrupted with health and family crises; personnel turnover, both planned and unplanned. Our clients were radically disrupted by supply chain chaos and an unstable workforce. Most troubling for me, personally, two decades of leading change initiatives in Afghanistan was disrupted, perhaps destroyed. My Afghan friends and business partners are suffering in ways most of us can’t imagine.


The result of all this disruption on me, personally, was weariness… a tired soul. We battled on many fronts, waiting… waiting for the smoke to clear. But it never really did.


As our team has been working through our own planning process for 2022, we sense a new hope rising. The word that is emerging is REAWAKENING.


I need to REAWAKEN my Spirit, feeding my soul daily.

I need to REAWAKEN Hope, with gratefulness and thanksgiving. We are still alive with more time to live out our purpose and calling.

I need to REAWAKEN my positive, servant leadership. Our families, businesses, and communities need our help to push forward for progress.


Choose Light. Shine Bright. Make a Difference. 2022 here we come!!