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The Power and Pitfalls of Remote/Hybrid Work

This Employee Couldn't Do the Work

The Power and Pitfalls of Remote/Hybrid Work

By: Ross Paterson

The first of a four-part series on the Remote/Hybrid/Return-To-Office dilemma.

One of our favorite clients made the strategic decision to keep her team fully remote after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. It was a POWERFUL choice. Her ability to gather talent from around the nation accelerated the capacity of her tech business. On top of the talent upgrades, she also eliminated almost $150,000 of annual overhead after office rent came out of the budget.

She recently hired a senior technician to lead a critical customer-facing role. After only a short time in the position, the business was experiencing massive execution problems. There was a reason for these performance misses. You see, this remote employee couldn’t really DO the work. He had built a network of workers in the Philippines who did the work for him. When a customer needed a real fix, in real-time, in America, this remote worker couldn’t get it done. He was fired.

In our interactions with hundreds of businesses, we could share another 20 stories of similar remote PITFALLS. Painful customer misses, expensive employee turnover, malicious deception, and outright theft. Is remote/hybrid work even worth it?

Can the POWER potential outweigh the pain of the PITFALLS for your SMB? Tune in for the next three weeks as we address:

• The human equation for engagement
Leadership evolution for remote/hybrid teams
• The new return-to-office movement

We think you will enjoy our blend of up-to-date research and real-world stories of triumph and tragedy.

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