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The Post Pandemic Trifecta

The Post Pandemic Trifecta

By: Ross Paterson

We have been in Phoenix this week serving clients in the chaotic 2nd half of 2021.  Everywhere we are engaged in the SMB market, business owners and their teams are feeling the pressure of the Post Pandemic Trifecta.

  1. A tidal wave of work:  Whole industries were holding (or held) back and have now taken action on many fronts.  Some of your competition didn’t survive 2020, so the flood of work is creating opportunities to fill the void.
  2. Global supply disruptions:  Global and regional supply chains have been completely disrupted.  Lead times are very long, shipments are irregular, and costs are going through the roof.  The impacts on efficiency and profitability are overwhelming.
  3. Manpower shortages:  The competition for talent is more intense than we have ever seen. Your high performers are your competition’s top prospects. Pay attention to this truth. Finding and recruiting your next great teammates will take significantly more time and attention. Someone in your organization needs to be working on this every week.


It is impossible to tickle yourself.  It is also nearly impossible to push yourself through exponential growth.  For teams that are ready, the opportunities presenting in the second half of 2021 will lead to dramatic breakthroughs.  You are probably closer than you imagine, we can help.

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