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The Path to a High Performance Team

The Path to a High Performance Team

By: Ross Paterson

“At work , our sense of commitment and control depends more on our direct boss than anyone else.  When we have a supportive boss, our bond with the organization strengthens and we feel a greater span of influence.”  Adam Grant, The Originals

We have talked about this for years at XM Performance, but from the employee’s perspective.  The #1 reason people leave an organization is because of their direct supervisor.  In today’s economy we simply can’t afford to lose our best employees.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs  (BO/E) who are leading growing organizations are dealing with two separate issues.

First, we OVER VALUE our own personal and often dynamic leadership abilities.  I have seen smart, charismatic leaders hire less capable managers and wonder why their teams don’t perform well.

Second, we UNDER INVEST in leadership development.  As the business grows the most important task for the BO/E is to unlock the leadership potential of our managers.  Empowered leaders who own and drive results, plus build the culture, are our most powerful levers to pull.

Next week: How to Recruit Great Leaders into your Small Business.