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The Old-ometer Turns Over

The Old-ometer Turns Over

By: Ross Paterson

I turned 50 on Monday. How did that happen? Here are three things I wish I had learned sooner in my life

1. It’s all about the people

Our Consulting-Training-Coaching business model is focused on unlocking the full potential in businesses. Businesses have to make money to grow their impact. But, my real joy, my ultimate fulfillment comes when we help people perform at levels they never imagined, and live exceptional, balanced lives.

2. So much to learn…

I didn’t get serious about learning until I was in my 30’s. That accelerated significantly in my 40’s as I began my entrepreneurial adventures. I wish I had been more hungry, more curious in my twenties. I have Mark Nordstrom and Bill Dobbs to thank for helping me see how much I still had to learn.

3. Significance over Success

Success is about promotion, position, and wealth. There is nothing wrong with success. Significance is about leaving a legacy that outlives you, making a lasting impact. Frequently they go together. My advice is to put SIGNIFICANCE first on your list.

“Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” James 1:22

Here is to an Xtra Mile second half, for 2018, and my next 30 years of adult-ing.