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The Obstacle is the Way

The Obstacle is the Way

By: Ross Paterson

Over a dozen times in the last 10 years, aspiring consultants and coaches have sought our counsel on getting started. Because I am a high ‘D’ on the DiSC profile, I am usually quite frank. If you don’t want to learn and master marketing and sales, go work for someone who already has.

Most business owners/entrepreneurs (BOEs) have a compelling vision for growth; an idea for next service, next product, next hire. The new year is the time to refresh and refocus on these goals. Step one in these expansions is almost always dependent on growing profitable revenue.

As we work day-in and day-out with passionate BOEs, the technical owners (lawyers, doctors, engineers, consultants, etc.) really struggle with the prospecting and sales processes. Often, they have built a foundation of revenue on their existing network, but even in a hot economy, they stagnate when their word of mouth connections are exhausted.

Two obstacles block their path to growth:

     1. Head Trash: Bad paradigms about used car salespeople, excusitis, fear of failure. 

     2. No Process: The belief that sales are a mythical magic show that only chosen people can do.

Like everything else in business, prospecting and selling is a process. They can be developed. They can be learned. They can be improved. I was forced to learn them when my partnership fell apart early in my first small business venture. If this former infantryman can learn it, you can, too.

Let us help you remove the obstacles to your next breakthrough. Here is to an #XtraMile 2020.