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The New Guy

The New Guy

By: Ross Paterson

We know it works because it works. Last week we wrote about the need for SMB owners to Build a Virtual Bench. This week, we introduce Brandon Woodside, the newest #XtraMiler on the team. He was called up from our Virtual Bench after a two-year process.


We frequently get talented men and women who offer their services to our business. We share vision, and I inform them that we are actually a marketing and sales company, who just happens to deliver exceptional consulting/training/coaching for the SMB community.


Brandon had remarkable leadership, training, coaching, and team-building experience on his resume when he came to me. With no sales experience, I told him I just don’t have a role for him at XM Performance. I challenged him to get some experience, come back, and see me. That is the end of most of these conversations.


Not for Brandon, he went out and started learning how to prospect and sell. He quickly became the top salesperson at a construction company. We decided to take him through our next virtual bench steps:

  1. We invited him to one of our weekly workouts and former teammate Hannah Wells wore him out at a Fitness Friday HIIT session.  (Great team fit)
  2. We treated him to a brisket breakfast taco for surviving the workout.  (Good taste)
  3. Fanni Gambero conducted TTi assessments and coached him on results. (Works well with others, coachable)
  4. We took him through our frontline manager’s training (Managers to Leaders).
  5. We contracted him part-time to co-facilitate the next round.  (Confident, effective presenter)
  6. Finally, Shannon and I had Brandon and his wife Desiree over to our house for dinner. (Connecting with the family, letting my bride assess, testing for crazy)


Welcome to the team, Brandon Woodside!  We love your gritty perseverance and look forward to your growth.