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The Market Asked, We Answered

Introducing XM Talent Pros

The Market Asked, We Answered

By: Ross Paterson

15 years ago, we made the suggestion
10 years ago, we started helping
5 years ago, we leveled up our own game…
Now, it’s time to GO!

We are excited to announce the multiplication of the XtraMile Brand with the launch of XM Talent Pros. The vision is to Link/Sync/Grow. Link and Sync top-notch assistants (we call them Small Business Xcelerators – SBX) with ambitious entrepreneurs to level up their business.

Most SMB owners do not need a traditional, corporate, executive administrator (EA). The small business world is a little too ‘wild west’. Every owner/entrepreneur has different strengths and blind spots. One might need most of their help with operations, admin, and finance; another owner with a heavy sales burden might leverage an SBX that is part marketing admin, part pipeline manager, and part proposal writer. 

The business model and stage of growth will also have an impact on who needs to fill the SBX role. Startups might only need a part-time resource that is a jack-of-all-trades and even helps with personal errands. A high-growth business might need an SBX who can handle HR administration, controller duties, and calendar management for the Chief.

Our XM Talent Pros team will help you define a high-leverage, high-impact role that will position you and your business for acceleration. Then we will show you how to do it yourself (DIY) or manage the whole process of recruiting, assessing, hiring, and onboarding. Our President/Co-founder, Fanni Gambero, can even coach you and your existing administrator to sync up to double your impact.

The bottom line is we have a huge burden of work that must happen around our business that is a distraction for the owner.

XM Truth: You aren’t that great of an administrator anyway.

“I wish I had done it sooner.” This is what our clients say when they Link-Sync-Grow with their new SBX.

Don’t wait to level up your business. Let us help you get the person you need on board and align your visions. Once you sync with the right EA, you won’t know why you ever worked without them.