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The Intangibles of Accountability

Creating Connectedness

The Intangibles of Accountability

By: Ross Paterson

Last week we set the first cornerstone of accountability, The Tangibles: Creating Clarity. Did you download the quarterly dashboard? Have you put anything in writing for the first time?

Cornerstone #2: The INTANGIBLES: Creating Connectedness

The tangibles are easy. CLARITY gets the hands and feet moving.

Intangibles are about the heart (mind, will, emotions) and are exceedingly difficult to measure and to master.

Step 1: Build Relationship Capital. We all have social and emotional bank accounts with the humans in our lives. Some are takers, thieves withdrawing from the account until it is bankrupt.  Leaders need to be givers, investors consistently making deposits in their teammates’ social and emotional accounts. Healthy accounts maximize commitment, engagement, and results.

Step 2: Build a Strong Culture. This is easier in a startup, then takes more energy and precision as the team grows. Does your team have its values in a powerful, reproducible, and sticky language? Is your team committed to these values with their whole heart? When our clients get this critical INTANGIBLE right the potential of the business accelerates.

Step 3: Build Connectedness. The humans on your team have a strong desire to be connected to a meaningful purpose, a healthy community, and results that matter. Owners and leaders must creatively and repetitively communicate these ideas to build internal commitment to results.

Clarity (Tangibles) X  Connectedness (Intangibles) = Acceleration on your team’s accountability for results.

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