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The Hope Scheme

The Hope Scheme

By: Ross Paterson

“We do know with certainty, however, that without the right preparation, there is zero chance of reaching the summit.”  Ryan Holiday, Perennial Seller

Are you waiting, hoping, for a lucky break, perfect timing, or meeting that one person whose introduction will take your business to the next level?  One of my favorite bosses in the military used to say, “Paterson, hope is not an approved military strategy.”

No one lucks their way into a $20 million business.  The owner leads it there.

  • The STRATEGIC PLAN is in writing
  • The owner DYNAMICALLY EVOLVES as the business grows
  • LEADERS are recruited, developed, and coached to inspire and drive results

Are you hoping your business breaks through in 2018, or preparing to reach the summit of your full, XTRA MILE, potential?  Now is the time to start laying a strong foundation for 2018.

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