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Do you love your team enough?


By: Ross Paterson

Eight skills SMB owners and leaders need to master to make their businesses one of the best places to work in America.


  1. Story Telling (Vision, Sales, Inspiration, Recognition).
  2. Building Relationship Capital => Influence.
  3. Focusing time and attention on results that matter.
  4. Effective DELEGATION of work.
  5. FEEDBACK: Accelerating team performance and human potential.
  6. Conflict Resolution.
  7. Instigating change, managing evolution.
  8. Culture Champion.


Don’t have time to train them?

Don’t know how to train them?

Need work yourself?


We are all in the people business. Do you love your team enough to master the Hard Eight?  There is a bill to pay for neglect, it is called turnover.


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